Midnight Society

Album: The tale of the dark music EP (2015)

Song: In my zone

Bitrate: 128kbps

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In the present day, we are all slaves to the radio. Our personal preferences and opinions do not
matter because we are force-fed music that we don't particularly care for. The worst part is, these catchy
sing along songs get embeded in our brain and we subconsciously end up liking this type of music.
It comes in all different sounds and genres, but yet the same basic format: catchy hook, and verses with
absolutely no substance or message. It's called Pop.
Presently, an artist going against the grain and trying to be original would be taking a huge risk
and be overklooked in an instant. Close your eyes... Imagine pop music that was creative, fun, yet
respectable, and even thought provoking. Looking back at music for the past fifteen years, one
wouldn't think it was at all possible. That is, until Don Notz, Bumps Hollywood and Zak Morris formed
the Midnight Society.
With each member possessing the ability to write, compose, produce and engineer, the end
result is a project with no creative ceiling. Being analyzed at every level of the song making process,
Midnight Society is conscious of their audience, as well as their personal preferences for music.
With a strong background and knowledge of the Hip-Hop genre, individually Midnight Society has
coined production credits for the likes of Rick Ross, French Montana, Mac Miller, Mobb Deep,
Smif n Wessun, and Maino as well as many other artists.
What could a listener expect to hear on Midnight's debut album? Of course a heavy influence
of hip-hop sprinkled throughout, but what really makes this project stand out is the way it blends the current
trends along with the feeling and emotion captured in music ranging from 70s soul, to even 80s Rock.
Midnight Society's versatility alone is what separates them from the pack. They strive to use all their
musical influences to create their own lane in the music industry. A new type of "Pop".